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Formal Dining Set Or Casual Dining Set – Which is Better?

A dining room set is the central piece of attraction and what you choose reflects on your personality and your preference of furniture. Dining room furniture sets are chosen to keep many aspects of the room in mind. Also the kind of interiors you have also plays an important in selecting the right dining table and chairs. Generally dining sets can be categorized under two types; formal and casual.

Both formal and casual dinning sets have their own advantages and disadvantages. They actually can not be compared as they both are designed for differently designed rooms and each suits well with their kinds only. For example, a home with more sophisticated interiors will have a formal set of dinettes. These are generally long tables with tall chairs with wooden finishes. These tables do not have much choice in the shape. They are all long rectangular tables with or without glass atop.

The formal dining room chairs are normally cushioned both on the seat and the back. They are tall and come with option of armrest and armless chairs. Chairs with armrest are more preferred for formal set up as they give a feel of certain class and elegance. They are comfortable in every way with broad back rest and soft cushioned seat. A dinner can be enjoyed to the fullest when one is comfortably furnished leaving sufficient space for easy moments. This depends on how big the table is and how much of leg space is there under the table.

But this was for homes which look expensive and perfect in everyway. For those homes which are small comparatively, causal dinning room furniture sets are perfect. They come in different size and can be selected according to the floor space. Normally small home have space constraints and so prefer a dinette set which can be small in size, different in shape and also offer comfort during meals.

Causal dinette sets are fun to have around. Unlike formal sets, these come in different shapes and sizes, which can be as small as a table for four people. Other than rectangular shape, these tables also come in square and round. The chairs are generally armless and with out back cushions. The seat may or may not have cushion as it depends on how expensive you can afford. These tables too come with glass top and it gives a more relaxed appearance and go well with any kind of interior.

There actually can not be any comparison between the two kinds of dining room furniture sets. As both as designed for different kinds of room, it is not wise to compare as they are made keeping the different kind of interiors in mind. Another way to get your desired dinette set within your budget is by buying them from online home furniture marts. They offer great varieties at cheap rates, all from top furniture brands.

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