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Versatile storage for anywhere in your home. That… – #Home #ikea #Storage #Versatile

Samsung LE40A336 – An Affordable Entry Level TV For Any Living Room

Upgrading to an LCD TV is most certainly on the minds of any homeowner. This addition is not only a great move to improve your viewing experience and derive more pleasure from it, but it’s also a fantastic advancement in heightening the looks and beauty of any room. And with a 40 inch HD Ready LCD TV, any living room would certainly receive an instant boost. But, is a 40 inch flat screen TV too much? Not with the Samsung LE40A336.

The Samsung LE40A336 is a part of the Series 3 model which Samsung released in 2008. This series represented the most affordable level of all the models released that year, and was Samsung’s offering for people to have the chance to own a top quality TV from a known and reputable TV manufacturer without having to close out their bank accounts. The Samsung LE40A336 is the biggest screen size available in the line-up with 6 other lower sizes available, namely, the 37, 32, 26, 22, and 19 inch models.

The Samsung LE40A336 and all of the lower sized models fund in the series were given a 720p resolution, which to some, may seem low as compared to higher end models which featured a native resolution of 1080p. But, for most people, noticing the difference between the two is highly difficult, the distinction only benefits TV sets with a larger screen like the ones that are 50 inches and above. Watching a High Definition image on a 720p 40 inch TV yields almost the same quality as a same size 1080p TV with the same image input and only those that have had vast experience in image quality discrimination will be able to give a good scrutiny.

So what’s the difference then with buying an entry level and the higher end models? Lots of features. Most low level LCD TVs, like the Samsung LE40A336 still receive top-notch specifications but are stripped of a number of features available for the more expensive models. And with a 40 inch LCD TV, going top level will also mean going for broke.

And a 40 inch TV will definitely be a great looking addition to a room whether your setting up a home entertainment system, placing it on a rack, table, or hanging it to a wall. There’s nothing quite like inviting your friends over and watching TV at a large screen. What’s more, even though it’s not pricey, it doesn’t look cheap. In fact, it has a great stylish design that evokes simplicity in mind training the focus to the centre of the set, the screen, where its best qualities stand out. Coated with a piano black colour, its frame and bezel is devoid of tiny buttons and only the manufacturer’s name can be seen. Invisible to the eye and hidden inside are two 10 watt speakers with Tru-Surround audio output.

Being a part of the entry level, the Samsung LE40A336 offers only the basic operation features, including sleep timer, on and off timer with a clock, auto power off and channel search, auto volume leveller, and teletext. Using the menu is one of its high points, it is very user friendly.

To wrap up, the Samsung LE40A336 provides a great budget package that consists of great performance, elegant design, and an affordable price.

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