THREE BIRDS RENOVATIONS on Instagram: “LAUNDRIES One of my favourite spaces to…

THREE BIRDS RENOVATIONS on Instagram: “LAUNDRIES One of my favourite spaces to design… This one was tiny, and instead of having a normal sized door, we installed a double…”

Laundry Locker Unclassified – The Most Innovative Way to Store Your Garments and Categorize Them

Let's face it. Most of us have difficulty organizing our garments. Clutter keeps on piling up from one room to another. Often, we accidently place our washed clothes with the unwashed clothes. Laundry lockers are specifically designed to resolve this issue. They help to separate various garments not only for organizing purpose but also to find your clothes much easier. This innovative furniture takes organization much further. Below is a review of these innovative lockers.

Simply Direct Garment Lockers

These garment lockers are designed for standing laundered work wear. It is constructed with a master door and equal sized compartments. Generally, the laundry lockers are designed for laundry contractors for depositing clean garments. In addition, they are suitable for application within the food, manufacturing and industrial industries. They are manufactured with epoxy powder paint coat finish for durability and in accordance with the British Standards.

Lyon Exchange Master II Lockers

The locker offers high standard and effective security system for staining uniforms, linens, personal items, protective clothing, tools, etc. This locker has individual locker compartments that can accommodate up to 16 people. The compact design of the garment lockers allows you to install the lock near work areas. They are the close thing to secured storage rooms. The garment and linen compartment can be controlled accurately and minimize shrinkage. This garment locker is also ideal for use in hospitals, clinics, industrial plants, airlines, restaurants, hotels and motels, schools, clubs and even laboratories.

Sycamore Systems Exchange Master Textile Rental Lockers

The garment lockers are available in three standard colors: wedge wood blue, dove gray and putty. However, optional colors can be requested. The laundry storage is fully assembled with pop-rivets and perforated backs for ventilation. It is designed to ensure service door rigidity and service locker frame alignment. It is constructed with formed sides and back for double steel thickness and added strength and security.

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