Stylish, vintage floral nursery decor by Jessica Partida with beautiful peel&sti…

Stylish, vintage floral nursery decor by Jessica Partida with beautiful peel&stick wallpaper. #nurserydecor #wallmural #vintage #removablewallpaper

How To Save Money On New Laundry Room Cabinets

Typically, when people shop for new laundry room cabinets, they give very little thought to materials and design, which is a real shame. Although shelving or storage in the laundry room does not need to be overly complicated, it would be important to consider a few factors. Of course, if you are looking for new cabinets but on a budget, you want something that is going to look nice and enhance the room while not costing a significant amount of money.

For one thing, in smaller rooms, humidity can be a problem. Therefore, if cabinetry were made of soft wood or not protected with a quality finish, you would likely experience warping, peeling, and even mold or mildew over time. For this reason, it would be important to choose material that would handle humidity while still providing needed storage and looking great. If existing cabinetry is not yet damaged, you could purchase quality sealer to prevent something from happening.

Whether you are involved with a laundry room remodel or just making a few upgrades, you deserve to enjoy convenience. Therefore, any organization solution needs to provide ample storage space. This would mean having cabinets large enough for detergent, fabric softener, bleach, and more. Therefore, make sure that whatever type of organization solution being considered would be large enough for your needs. Obviously, if you have a larger family, then storage of any type would need to have enough space than for a single person. Otherwise, any money spent on inadequate storage would virtually be wasted.

Aesthetics would be another consideration when shopping for laundry cabinets. Even if on a tight budget, there is no reason that you have to settle for something unsightly. In fact, several great options exist that would create a great look, provide ample storage, and fit within your budget. For instance, you could purchase unfinished cabinetry. With this, you would simply paint the cabinets white, brown, black, or whatever color wanted, followed by applying a sealant to protect them from humidity. Of course, you could stain the cabinetry if preferred.

You might even consider buying used laundry room cabinets, which could then be stripped, repainted or stained, and sealed. Another possibility would be with resurfacing, a process in which a new face or front is applied to existing cabinet doors. This creates a brand new look but for a fraction of the cost to buy something new.

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