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Secret Information About Home Decor Bohemian Only The Pros Know About 113 –

Double the Sweet Dreams with Kid's Bunk Beds

Double your kids' fun with a custom bedroom idea that's twice the comfort, twice the excitement, and twice the comfort of any other – custom kids bunk beds. Whether you're decorating a kids room meant to be shared by siblings or a bedroom for just one kid who happens to have frequent overnight guests, a bunk bed is a space-saving, cost-cutting way to accommodateate.

Bunk Beds Create Camaraderie

Siblings do not always get along, but when they do it's an unbreakable bond like no other. Giving your siblings a bunk bed to share is one way to help foster that kind of closeness you crave for them. Sleeping above or below one's brother or sister is a precious shared life experience the two of them will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Two Beds, Two Views

The two individual beds in bunk beds are as distinct as the two individuals sleeping there. The top bunk offers a bird's eye perspective on the world, a far-reaching vantage point that's open and expansive. The bottom bunk offers a canopy style sheltering effect that provides a sense of privacy and safety and security, like sleeping in a den. Chances are, if you have two kids, one will resonate more with the former and the other with the latter. If not, if they both like both experiences, then the siblings can take turns, switching off top and bottom bunks as regularly and frequently as they wish.

Bunk Beds Are Good For Kids Health

Bunk beds help even the most lackadaisical kids to get at least a moment of exercise. Climbing up and down the ladder of a bunk bed helps build strength in the arms and legs, gives a brief cardiovascular boost, and helps kids develop better muscular coordination.

Bunk Beds Can Be Worked Into Any Custom Theme

Any custom theme bed you'd like to design for your kids bedroom can be built as a bunk bed. A castle bed can have the upper turrets and the inner chamber. A jungle bed can have a hollowed out tree trunk for the lower portion and a tree house platform for the upper bunk. A Tudor cottage or a Victorian mansion can have an upstairs and a downstairs. An ocean theme bedroom can have one bunk above the surface and one bunk below the surface of the sea.

Bunk Beds Are Efficient and Economical

Rather than taking up space in a kids room with two beds placed on either side of the room across from each other, install a bunk bed instead and open up that extra space to be used for playing, studying, or storage.

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