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Bedroom Furniture Rundown

So, you have just bought a new home or apartment and are looking to get furniture for the bedroom. You don’t know why you didn’t think about buying the furniture before you got the house–perhaps you didn’t know there’d be a bedroom– but you know you’ve got to get some bedroom furniture as soon as possible.

But, what kind of bedroom furniture is there to buy? What do you need?

Beds and Bedroom Sets

Obvious the first choice would be a bed. Without a bed the bedroom is no longer a bedroom. For instance I sleep on a futon so my room is not truly a bedroom. Now, the bed should fit the size of the room and fit in accordance with the other bedroom furniture that you have, or that you will have.

Smaller room? Get a twin sized bed. Larger room? How about a queen size? Exceptionally large room? You may as well buy a king. And if you’ve got the money, buying a bedroom set wouldn’t be a bad idea.

A bedroom set encompasses most bedroom furniture needs you may have and in a pleasant manner. The bedroom set has matches parts and pieces, giving your room a better look from a designer’s standpoint. As an example, imagine buying a bedroom set and getting all the parts to it, you’d get a nightstand, a bed, a dresser and a mirror. And all of them in matching styles.

If the sets don’t do it for you, or you find them too expensive, then buying your own bedroom furniture might work for you. Not to mention, not everyone can fit both a night stand and a dresser in the same room.


It’s key to have a dresser in a bedroom. I’m not sure where the tradition began but it exists and is clear that people change, get dressed, and undress in their bedroom. Having a dresser is key for this.

And in this day and age a dresser no longer serves as just a dresser. Often times you’ll find the dressers are built to hold televisions and other electronics. Now, TVs aren’t necessarily bedroom furniture, but they’re well on their way. My bedroom has a TV& and I don’t even watch TV.

Regardless, finding the right dresser is essential. The style of your room depends on it, you can choose from several different types of wood including mahogany, oak, cedar, and others. Plus they all come in different sizes. Four drawers only? No problem. Need 9 drawers, of different lengths? No problem either. There are plenty of dressers to suit just your needs.

Closet Storage

Now, we’re going to assume that mattresses fall under the beds category, so that leaves the last most important piece of bedroom furniture as closet storage. Nearly all bedrooms have closets, so it’s important that if yours doesn’t to buy a storage unit. They’re basically larger dressers and similar to armoires, so be sure to buy them only if you have the room and need.

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