Nice 35 Awesome Farmhouse Laundry Room Design Ideas. More at…

Nice 35 Awesome Farmhouse Laundry Room Design Ideas. More at…

Colors For the Small Bedroom – Black, Gray and White Create Elegance For the Small Bedroom

Small bedrooms must not be boring because there is a lack of space. On the contrary, by using color effectively they can be transformed into interesting and impacting spaces. Not only colors but also neutral hues are outstanding for creating an elegant simplicity or a theatrical impact. Black, white and gray are a distinctive group of neutrals that allow for endless variations.

With these neutrals, you can go for a clear-cut styling, a traditional country look, modern design or an individual agglomeration of various different objects and styles. When kept in black, white and gray, the result will always be refined and attractive.

Another advantage of these neutral hues as the main color combination for the bedroom, is that they always give the impression of quality. If the budget is very low for the bedroom design, but the desire for a luxurious impact is high, black, gray and white will help you solve the problem.

A pale gray for the walls, combined with white for the doors and window frames, will not only add a touch of superb elegance to the room, but will also give a sense of space. Accents of black and white for lamps, bed linen and pictures will create an exciting rhythm of light and dark.

Depending on your taste, you can also add a theme to your black and white environment. Almost every subject is available as a black and white print or photograph. If you love music, you can collect photos of musicians; animal lovers will find some fascination photographs of wild animals or of cats and dogs. There are so many different dogs with black and white markings that a collection of such animal photographs could add humor and fun to the room´s decor. Trees or landscapes, boats or seascapes, could also be ideal themes for the decoration.

By keeping the color scheme within black, white and gray neutrals, it will be very easy to decorate a small bedroom and make it an attractive and uplifting haven.

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