my scandinavian home: A Cosy Danish Loft Full of Plants & Vintage Treasures

my scandinavian home: A Cosy Danish Loft Full of Plants & Vintage Treasures

Gift Ideas That Include Candles

It is time to buy a loved one a gift. What will you give? There are so many options … what will you give? Candles can be really nice gifts, especially if you put some thought into it. Here are some gift ideas for the different occasions of life.

An aromatherapy set. This is perfect for Mother's Day, as busy moms could certainly use the soothing relaxation. Include candles with an inviting fragrance, bubble bath, and sometimes some nice music and a sincere message.

A welcome basket. Help someone new feel like they belong. Include a welcome message with tips and facts about the neighborhood (or the office). You can add baked goods, flowers, candles, wine, fruit, etc.

A birthday present. If you know someone who enjoys fragrances, you can get them a set based on a fragrance. You may add shampoo, soaps, shower gel, bath beads, a candle, and possibly a matching stuffed animal.

Personalized candles. Sometimes it is all in the words. A message that expresses your love, appreciation, or friendship can touch the heart in a deep way. Give the candle a special meaning that the recipient can remember as their candle burns.

A dinning room centerpiece. If you are going to a wedding, why not treat the bride and groom to a unique centerpiece for their new dining room? A floral arrangement, specifically designed candlesticks and tall candles can make it easy for the newlyweds to have a nice romantic dinner for two.

A Gift Menorah. If you have Jewish family or friends you can offer a glass, gold or specially designed menorah for Hanukah. A unique an memorable menorah can make each night of the celebration special.

Christmas candles. Holiday scents like baked goods can bring back memories of growing up. If you can not be with your loved ones during the holiday or can not cook the way “mom” or “auntie” used to, a spotted candle is a nice reminder. You can pass the stories, or recipes, down to younger generations.

No matter what the occasion, there is always a thoughtful gift to give. Candles come in many shapes, sizes, scents and colors. If you are stuck for ideas, why not give a candle? Do not forget the matches!

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