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Simple Storage Ideas for Your Child’s Room

Keeping clutter out isn’t easy from your home. And it is even more difficult in a child’s room, what with the clothes, toys and everything else strewn around. It’s often a nightmare to keep your little one’s room clean and tidy.

But it needn’t be so. With the availability of a variety of clever options, it’s easy to de-clutter your kid’s room and keep it that way too. How do you do it? Here are a few ideas that may click. Try them to know which ones suit you.

Use the space below. Be it the canopy bed in your little princess’s room or the high loft bed in your teenage son’s room, it is a good idea to utilise the space underneath it to keep away extra bed linen, toys, and even bulkier items.

Don’t consider it to be the only option. Why not incorporate a window seat in your home? Even if it’s not in your child’s room, it can be a great addition. And you can convert the space underneath it into a storage area too.

Opt for versatile pieces. Mobile storage units can be ideal for your child’s room. It’s easier to move them around. And get them out of sight when guests arrive. You can also add castors to smaller units to make them work.

A big armoire with space to hang the clothes of an adult may seem like a little too much for a baby’s nursery. Don’t fret; add adjustable rods and additional shelves to transform it into an ideal closet. Once he/she grows older, you can remove these features.

Hang it up. It’s much easier to de-clutter if you make cleaning up and keeping things in place a simple task. Shelves, pouches, baskets and such other items fixed to the walls leave ample floor space for playtime.

Another clever idea is to add a series of pouches to the side of the bed. This makes it much easier to keep the bedtime books near at hand without any trace of mess. Add pouches to tables to hold art and craft supplies.

Colour code storage. Once your little one starts to understand you, take him/her into confidence. Help your kid learn the easy ways to store things at the right place and keep the room clean. Just don’t make it a chore; make it fun to do.

How to do it? It isn’t tough; include toy boxes and baskets in bright contrasting colours in the child’s room. When keeping away the toys or the books after playtime or reading time is over, play a game of matching colours. He/she will soon learn.

Get adaptable pieces. It’s of no use if your son or daughter soon outgrows an expensive storage unit you had invested in. It’s, therefore, not a good idea to opt for something too connected to a theme. Instead, buy something that grows with them.

An ideal thing to do is to opt for a storage unit that covers an entire wall. You can switch the changing table with a work desk once the nappy changing days are over. The work desk can easily be the perfect place for homework or crafts once your baby grows up.

Storage doesn’t need to be a nightmare. With ingenuity, you can find the pieces that can do well for your little one’s room. And with creativity, you can transform even the most boring storage pieces into something pretty and pleasing.

Suppose you have bought an all white storage unit for your child’s room to work through the years but it’s not nice for a little one’s nursery. Don’t despair. Add decals of flowers and fairies to give it an update to make it look pretty enough for the nursery.

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