Luxury kitchen design ideas | House Decoration Ideas – Part 15

Luxury kitchen design ideas | House Decoration Ideas – Part 15

Declutter Day – Quick Declutter For Your Bedroom

A bedroom that is organized gives you the feeling of relaxation and comfort but when you walk into a cluttered bedroom you lose those feelings. Today is “declutter day”. Decluttering a bedroom is a something that can be done in just one day. So do not accept the clutter any longer, just do these few easy things to complete the task and regain that sense of relaxation and peace.

The first thing that you will need to do, when you start decluttering your bedroom, is to have a piece of paper and a pen handy for jotting down some notes. Then begin looking around your room and make note of where most of the clutter is building up. Is it near the night table?

What are some of the essential items that you would like to have nearby your bed and what are some of the things that may just be cluttering the space? Do you like to read at night? Is there a pile of magazines or books strewn around the room? You may consider putting up some shelves by the bed to solve this problem.

Or maybe there are small pieces of trash scattered all over the top of the nightstand. Write down on your list that it would be a great idea to purchase a little trash can to keep along side the bed.

Or perhaps there is dirty laundry heaped up in a pile that is cluttering up the room. Make a note to purchase another hamper that you can place in the spot where most of the clothes seem to be gathering. Be sure that you have enough room for your clothes. If there is not enough room in the dresser, clothes may simply end up on top of the dresser instead of inside, where they belong.

Also, make sure that you check under the bed to see how organized it is. Do you need to purchase some storage bins on wheels that you can easily roll under the bed? You might also need to buy bed lifts to create enough space for these bins.

Once you have made a plan for the items you need to buy to organize your bedroom, then buy the supplies and it is then on to step two.

The second thing you will need to do is focus on creating an organized space. Did you realize in step one that there was quite a bit of clutter by your nightstand? Once you have set up shelves and made any other necessary adjustments to the room, then go through your items and remove the things that you do not need in the bedroom.

How many of the magazines or books are you actually reading now? Are there any books you can put on another shelf within the home or get rid of? Are any of your magazines old and can be thrown out?

Are there clothes in your dresser that you can get rid of instead of moving them to a new dresser? Put your underwear, socks and bathing suit in separate draws, do not try to clump them all into one drawer.

Or maybe you determined that most of your clutter was found under your bed. Are there items that you can store in some other location within the home? Placing shoes in a bin under the bed is a great storage solution. Consider storing seasonal bedding in an airtight bag under your bed. When you are deciding what to store under the bed, make sure that you can visually see each bag or bin. If you cannot, then there are too many things under there.

Creating a comfortable relaxing space is so easy. With some organization and a clear vision of what you desire, you can make your bedroom the place of your dreams.

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