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Large White Dining Table – More on our website #Dining room

10 Tips to a Well Organized Work at Home Office Space and Home Life

We all should have our own filing system and our own routines during the day / evening. Some people like to have everything in it's proper place, and for some, their desk looks like it has not been cleaned off for days and yet, they are organized. It's just a preference, everyone is different.

I've heard lots of people say they are never organized, since their good intentions … organization is a forever work in progress. For some homeworkers, organization is simply keeping their work life and home life separate and running smoothly.

However, some are overwhelmed with repeated attempts at organizing their desks, scheduled daily tasks, deadlines, filing system, and most importantly, their time with their family. Basically they let their work life consume them and often times, fail to stay on task with household duties and family devotion.

Does it seem like you can never get organized? Overwhelmed with tasks and not getting anything accomplished? Need some time management tips? You are not alone. Many people are done in this vicious cycle. And they are torn between their work at home life and home family life, and major conflicts are the result.

Below are 10 helpful organizing tips for home workers

1. Keep Organized With A Calendar (Online or Desk Top) – A calendar is a must in anyone's life, especially if you have children and you work at home. You are faced with many challenges each and every day, with your home based job, household chores, and family time. Reserve each day for certain tasks, and make sure you schedule in household duties and spending time with family.

2. Have Set Goals – Set some realistic goals for yourself (both business and personal), and make every effort to get those goals accomplished. Display your goal list where you will see it every day.

3. Do not Let Phone Distractions Consume You – If you do not do business with your phone, set your voice mail to answer those calls, except emergencies of course. You can return important calls at the end of your work day.

4. Keep An Organized Filing System – Invest in some filing cabinets or some type of filing system for yourself. Use them for both business and home. Make sure the labels are clearly marked for each folder for easy reference. This will help to minimize those all-too-familiar piles of papers.

5. Begin Your Day With Exercise – Exercise is good for the body, mind, and spirit, and it's a good way to start out the day. It's a good energy source, and it's also good for the metabolism and unwanted weight gain.

6. Take Breaks Often – Make sure you do not sit at your desk all day long without taking breaks. These breaks can be short walks, a few household chores, or time with a good book. Snack time is also another good reason for a break. You may want to set a timer to remind you of these brakes.

7. An Organized Desk Is More Productive – Keep your desk as tidy as possible. I know for me personally, I do not feel productive at all when my desk is a mess. After you are finished in your home office each day, clean your desk off, all but a list of the following day's work tasks. This will help minimize clutter.

8. Prepare Meals Ahead Of Time – When preparing meals, if possible, try and prepare more than one while cooking. You can freeze most main dishes and save time. I know of someone that takes time out of their weekend to cook and freeze meals. Excellent time saver.

9. Household Chores In Between Work At Home Tasks – Toss in a load or 2 of laundry in between those emails and other home based priorities. Load the dishwasher and do a few more chores immediately after turning on your computer in the morning. Then come back to your office and start your work for the day.

10. Set a special day each week to do family stuff with your kids – This is so very important to both YOU and your family. Whether you have small children at home or grown. Remember, parenting does not end after your child is grown or moves out. Spend quality time with them.

If you find organization and time management challenging, try following the above tips. Some people are naturals at organization, however, some are not. For those that are not, I hope these tips will be of some help to you.

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