I think the girls really want this for their room,when it arrives they'll re…

I think the girls really want this for their room,when it arrives they'll realize how much they wanted it 🙂

What Are The Famous Carpet Types?

Deciding to buy a carpet for your room? You should consider many aspects that are very important while buying a carpet. One of the major aspects is the carpet type. There are many types of carpets depending on the knotting style and the material. Every type has different cost as well. Let’s take a look on some of the main types of carpet in detail.

Cut Pile: it is the mot popular type. As the name depicts it is made by cutting the loops of fiber. It is best for heavy traffic areas. It can bear tear and commonly used in office areas.

Cut And Loop Pile: according to its name it is based on two types of fibers cut and looped. This type can cover footprints well. It is not that durable like the cut pile carpet.

Level Loop Pile: level looping is weaving of loops that are of yarn. This type is very much durable and it can be used on busy areas.

Multi Level Loop Pile: combining the different sized loops together and making one carpet is a multi level loop style. This carpet is wonderful in looks but is not appropriate for the heavy traffic areas.

Saxony: it is a beautiful style of carpet. Carpet of this type can only be used for decoration and should be placed in the areas which are not much used. The reason to this is they get marks of foots and even vacuum.

Frieze: it is also one of the most durable carpets and best for most busy areas. It has short fibers that curl and hide dust and footprints under it, due to high twisting while manufactured.

Barber: barber has thicker yarn and is the best in durability. Its thickness makes it best for heavy traffic areas. It is not much beautiful in style but is inexpensive with its durability.

Texture: it is the most soft of all types. It is twisted many times while manufacturing that’s why they hold well. They are also the most selling type. They can hide footprints and dirt.

Plush: plush has resemblance to Saxony. It is luxurious and is common in light colors. So it should be placed in rooms that are not much used like dinning room or master bedrooms.

Considering all the characteristics major while buying a carpet, you will be more precised in your choice. Make sure that you should buy the one having qualities that suit your demand.

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