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Maximise Narrow Lots With Two Storey Home Designs

As buildable land near city centres becomes ever more scare, we see land prices rising while lot size decreases. As a result, homebuyers and builders alike must rethink building designs to ensure they can get all the room they need in the space available.

Through efficient designs, builders are able to do that without sacrificing the features that buyers want.

Challenges Of Building On Narrow Lots

The challenge that building on narrow lots poses is getting everything you want and need inside the house. It seems like you need to make sacrifices either inside the structure or in the yard to build on a small lot. By the time you factor in set-backs and a garage, the amount of room left for living space can seem pitifully small.

Housing designs that have been developed specifically for tight lots attempt to tackle these challenges head-on. Long, thin footprints in which rooms flow from one to another are one way builders try to maximise small square footage. Open floor plans create the feeling of more room since there are fewer walls in the way. Rooms that serve double duty help homeowners make the most of smaller houses. An open floor plan living, kitchen, and dining area, for example, can be a place to eat, relax, entertain, do homework, or play – sometimes all at the same time!

For as many disadvantages as narrow lots offer, many buyers are embracing them. Smaller properties equate to smaller homes, which require less energy to run and have less to maintain and clean. Some buyers would rather have a smaller property and a shorter commute into the city than a larger house and a longer commute so they seek out these smaller plots.

Young couples, single homebuyers, and empty nesters all love the smaller properties because it gives them just the right amount of space. For those who loathe yardwork, small lots can be especially attractive.

But what about those who want a bigger home and a yard on a restricted lot? The answer comes in the form of two-storey dwellings. Dual level homes are the easiest way to get more house into a small area because you build up instead of out. This gives the buyer the best of both worlds: a spacious home and a sizeable backyard.

How Two Storey Designs Can Give You More Home

Two-storey designs maximise every inch of a narrow lot. Typically, the lower level is dedicated to the public functions: kitchen, dining and entertainment areas, or common rooms like a living room. Bedrooms are located on the second level, although in some designs the master bedroom may be located on the main floor.

The beauty of this design is that it very effectively separates the functions of the home into public and private areas. Many owners love this feature as it gives them more useable space on the main level for entertaining, without infringing on the family’s privacy.

Choosing A Design

Choosing a design for thin lots really isn’t that much different than choosing a design for larger lots. Narrow-lot building has become so common that you’ll find plenty of options to choose from. To get started, think about what features are important to you, and use that as a starting point. What rooms do you need? How many bedrooms do you want? What size yard (or home) do you want? Then find a home builder who specialises in narrow or two-storey homes to help you find your perfect home.

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