Fresh flowers and branches, as well as candlelight make for an atmospheric ambience.

Fresh flowers and branches, as well as candlelight create an atmospheric ambience in this living room. The tray Tracey from our WestwingBasics collection is the perfect choice to decoratively decorate pieces. // living room sofa coffee table ideas decoration desk candles furnish #WohnzimmerIdeen #Writing desk

Choosing Window Treatments and Wall Decorations For The Home-Based Office

The first step was to choose a location. Some tips about location were to make sure your office space is located in a quiet space away from the main stream of what is going on in the home. Also try to pick a location with a window for some natural light. We then went on to discuss what color to choose when painting your home office. Weave a lot of helpful information about how to make the paint choice such as, if the space is small do not paint it in dark colors, it will make it feel smaller. If the space is larger an accent wall could be used to make the space feel a little cozier. We did conclude though that this choice is very individualized and will have to be made by the person working in the office. Our next step after painting would be to look at window treatments and wall decorations.

If your office should have a window or more than one window, it is time to think about window treatments. In my earlier article, we looked at the several options available for window treatments such as vertical blinds, horizontal or mini-blinds, roller shades and draperies or curtains and even bamboo shades as an economic option. When making your choice try to remember that the window treatments are part of the office design. Window treatments are another way to add patterns and color to the office space. Whatever the choice your decorating style will make a visual impact to the space.

If there is no room in the budget for window treatments then clean the windows and make sure that if you will be seeing the window that it looks fresh and clean. If possible just try to add blinds for privacy and help with controlling drafts. It is important to always take advantage of the natural light because researchers tell us that workplace daylight has a strong correlation to the office worker's sleep, activity and quality of life. Other research studies have found that the use of natural elements such as daylight improve our creativity and learning, so be sure to use that natural daylight whenever possible.

When you have chosen your window treatments it would now be a good time to place your office furniture in your space following the floor plan that you have previously designed. Then after permanently placing the office furniture you can consider wall decorations. There is a lot to choose from but I would always suggest making sure that you put up your achievements such as college degrees and any certificates. Another suggestion would be to put up your favorite inspirational quote to help motivate you through your work time. Another very important suggestion would be a nice grouping of those family pictures. This is again motivational and helping us to remember our “why”. Why we are doing the work we are doing. Again, these choices are a matter of personal taste and office design. With so many choices available to you on the internet and web shopping it will not be hard to find wonderful items for your windows and walls.

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