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Types of Orchids For Beginners

Never Grew Orchids Before? Let's Look at Some of the Most Popular Types of Orchids for Beginners!

Uh oh! I'm sensing that you are afraid you do not know where to start in growing orchids. Fear not! Here are a few ideas of the easiest orchids to care for. Many beginners loved them and some are now Orchid experts in the field. So what I'm about to share with you would be an excellent for beginning, while you learn the secrets of growing orchids.

Where to Start: Orchids for Beginners

The object of affection of royal gardeners and planting experts worldwide, you may think the orchid-that most difficult of natural beauties-is the business of the botanical only. But not so.

The secrets of the orchid can be discovered and perfected with many easy-to-care-for species of the beautiful plant.

For Beginners

The Oncidium Intergenerics, the fragrant delights that bloom twice per year, are favorites of the rookie orchid drawer. Thought by many the most manageable orchid species, the Comnara Wildcat can last up to three months with simple care guidelines and ample light.

Another of the species, called the Oncidium Sharry Baby, blooms three times a year with the smell of the coveted cocoa leaf for your windowsill or dinning room.

The Cattleya group, another popular species among beginners, features a short blooming period that is offset by a natural beauty not often paralleled in the plant world. These large plants feature an easy growing regimen that often requires complementary lights, and blooms with vibrant colors and characteristic fragrances.

Other Beginner Orchids

Another line of orchid plants popular for beginners is phragmepediums. Although watering and fertilizing must be practiced delicately with these plants, they are a simple-care orchid that requires much bright light. If a brown color emerges on the leaves, the orchid has been overfertilized-a simple problem that can be reversed with less fertilization.

Two important beginning orchids that bloom well under most proper windowsill conditions are the phalaenopsis and the paphiopedilum hybrids. Highly adjustable to different humidity levels, these two orchids require simple lighting conditions, much like African violets.

Requiring moderate amounts of water, the dangers of these orchids lie inwatering them, or underwatering them, because of their lack of pseudobulbs. Because of the moisture they store in their roots, the water level can remain moderate, but if a problem arises, it may be quick to become irreversible.

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