Cozy bedroom ideas with small spaces that maximize your life

Cozy bedroom ideas with small spaces that maximize your life

Feng Shui in the Laundry Room

Much like the Feng Shui bathroom, the Feng Shui laundry room is a place that harnesses the Water element. The laundry room is also an area that cleanses and removes dirt. Though it may be easy to overlook, the laundry room is an important area to apply Feng Shui principles to. Every aspect of your home can affect the flow of positive Chi throughout the home and the laundry room is no exception.

There are many different ways to bring Feng Shui harmony to your laundry room. The more steps you do the better the desired affect will be. The first thing you should do is check your hoses and under your washing machine. If either of these things are leaking it is believed you finances will “leak” and leave you. Make any necessary repairs or replacements to the hoses or machine to prevent any leaks. Next, check to see if there is buildup in your washing machine or dryer. Buildup in the washing machine is usually laundry detergent or dust. In the dryer be sure to clear out any lint that accumulates after every few dries. Lent and buildup are both essentially clutter, and Feng Shui is unable to be as effective in the presence of clutter.

Going along with cleanliness in the laundry room, wash the sink and the floors regularly. This will help keep the lint from building up on everything. It is also important to replace light bulbs as soon as they burn out. Always keep the trash emptied and be sure all of the cabinets are neatly organized. Organization in the laundry room is key when applying Feng Shui principles. It is important to have baskets allocated for each color/type of laundry to organize it. After you have washed and dried your laundry, never let it sit in the laundry room. Always fold and hang your laundry immediately after cleaning.

Just like in the Feng Shui bathroom, be sure you keep the door anytime you are not using your Feng Shui laundry room. If you don’t have a door, hang a decorative curtain or beads in front of the washer and dryer. Whatever you hang up has to be pleasing to your eyes or it will bring you down in spirit. Also, the lid on the washing machine should always be closed. Since clean water is associated with finances, letting it out by leaving the lid open can let your finances flow away. The door on the dryer should also remain closed at all times.

As always, no matter what Feng Shui elements and principles you use for your laundry room, be sure not to overdo it. Too many elements will cause clutter to develop and hinder the Feng Shui effect. Once you have applied the Feng Shui principles to your laundry room enjoy an organized, clutter-free space.

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