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Ryads in Marrakech – Do I Rent a Villa Or Ryad?

When holidaying in Marrakech you need to consider whether to rent a Villa or a Ryad. They are both excellent for their own reasons and offer distinctly different experiences of Morocco.

Ryad’s in Marrakech are in the city itself. An excellent starting point for your holiday adventures, you are never far from the bustling markets and bazaars that define the city. Ryad’s are houses with rooms that surround an internal courtyard, this courtyard acts as a ventilation system, ensuring that the building remains comfortably cool. It is however, the terraced roof that really sets Riad’s apart, these give excellent views of the city and the surrounding Atlas Mountains giving you a relaxing safe-haven when you want to simply relax.

Being so close to the city has many advantages. In addition to the location and close proximity to the Marrakech markets there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the local cuisine. You will also find a number of festivals taking place and staying at a Ryad allows you easy access to the best of these. You will also be in a position to explore the culture and history of the city. For those of you who wish to explore all that the city of Marrakech has to offer staying in a Ryad may be perfect.

Villa’s in Marrakech offer a different experience. Villa’s are typically more spacious and located outside the city centre. They will often have a swimming pool and more relaxed surroundings than a Ryad.

Staying in a Villa in Marrakech gives you opportunities to explore the more varied parts of Moroccan life. You can experience expeditions in the Sahara Dessert. Whether on a camel or a quad bike discover the sheer size of the dessert and the Atlas Mountains. Travel to the beach and enjoy a day dinning at the coast eating the wonderful seafood. You can also experience skiing during the winter in Oukaïmeden, a first class ski resort.

Ryad’s and Villa’s are both excellent ways to explore Marrakech and Morocco. Villa’s are perfect for those with transport who are activity driven, or for those who simply want to use the Villa as a place to relax by a pool. Ryad’s are perfect for those who want to experience the culture and history of Marrakech from an easily accessed base in the heart of the city. Whether you choose to rent a Villa or a Ryad in Marrakech depends on what you wish to get out of your stay and which ever one you choose you are sure to have a amazing holiday.

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