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77 Likes, 7 Comments – Beth Allen (@traditionalsouthernstyle) on Instagram: “This cozy corner caught my eye. Many things in this pic to love. I think the filtered sunbeams…”

Door Alarm – Protect Your Home Or Business

A door alarm can come in handy for a variety of different reasons. You can find many uses both in the home and in a business situation where one of these little devices can be used. In the home or business setting, the door alarm can be used to alert owners of an intruder. In addition to doors, they can be used on windows and even cars. These can increase the personal safety of you, your loved ones and your employees. They are also simple to install and set.

Parents find these alarms useful for many situations. Has your toddler ever walked out of the house without your knowledge? Talk about a scare! Here you are frantically searching the home high and low, looking in closets, under beds and even checking the bathroom cabinet, all the while fearing the worst. Come to find out, Junior thought it looked like a great day to go and pet the neighbor’s kitty that was sitting out in the driveway. By installing alarms on all exterior doors, you can prevent this from ever happening again. As soon as the doors are opened, you will hear a loud audible sound. The sound is, in fact, so loud that a child in the process of trying to go outside unsupervised is likely to turn back into the home to get the noise to stop. This will also work on windows throughout the entire home.

Another useful feature of the door alarm is that it can be used on refrigerators, chest freezers, upright freezers, ovens, cabinets and even washers and dryers if desired. In can sometimes be hard to accomplish tasks during the course of a day because you are nervous about leaving your little one in a room where they could potentially get into something, while you run into the laundry room to switch out a load. Even with other safeguards in place, some children still manage to get into potentially dangerous situations. The great things about alarms are the fact that you have an instant alert of trouble so you can immediately get back into the room to circumvent a possible dangerous situation.

Most alarms are wireless. They are made using a magnetic system. When the magnetism is broken, the door alarm produces a loud piercing sound. Some offer several different sound settings. Some even offer just a simple chime, which is perfect for the business situation because it will alert you to the presence of an incoming customer. There are even alarms available with a keypad system in place. The sounds will not stop just because the magnetism is enacted, the person with the key code much actually punch the number in to get the sound to stop. Some also come with leg extenders, so not only is a sound emitted when a handle is jiggled or opened, but the leg stops the doors opening altogether, thereby preventing entrance or exit. A door alarm is very affordable, with prices starting as low as five dollars for a variety with fewer features.

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