29 Inspirational bedside ideas for a new look in your bedroom #boh …

29 Inspiring bedside ideas for a new look in your bedroom #bohemianstyle #shabbychic #lamellenwand #diynachttisch

ADHD Teen Tips – 5 Tips to a Clean Bedroom

When you become so entrenched in your room it is hard to notice the condition of your surroundings. It can also be hard to understand how this can affect others in your home. Trust me, it does!

The following tips and questions should help make keeping your room clean and less stressful for you and your parents!

Get ready to CLEAN your room!

Tip 1: Consider

Ask yourself the following before you begin cleaning:

  • Why do you want to clean your room?
    • Parental pressure?
    • Sibling pressure?
  • How overwhelmed do you feel about cleaning your room?
  • Can you locate the source of that strange smell in your room?

Tip 2: Look

Before you dive in consider:

  • What is the biggest obstacle in your room, besides your door?

  • Are your clothes thrown everywhere?

  • Can you tell which clothes are clean and which are dirty?

  • Do you have areas that are free from clutter/mess?

  • Don’t forget to look/clean under the bed.

Tip 3: Eliminate

Time to get your hands dirty and your room clean.

  • Dirty clothes. Get a container laundry basket, trash bag, or pillowcase, something to put the dirty clothes in. Include any bedding. If your room is in need of a big cleaning, chances are your bedding is way overdue for laundering. If you have access to a washer and dryer, start a load of laundry and get back to your room until it’s time to switch loads.

  • Dirty dishes. Round them all up, even if they have something growing on them. Bring them to the kitchen. If you are fortunate to have a dishwasher – no, your mother doesn’t count – for goodness sake, use it!

  • Obvious trash. Crumpled paper, that sort of stuff.

  • Damaged items. Depending upon the level of damage, some items may simply be in need of repair. Put these items in a container/box. Once you’ve gone through your room and/or the box is full put it near the door you usually exit from as a reminder fix.

Tip 4: Assign

Give a home to the items that are in your room.

  • Closet can hold clean clothes, shoes, etc. Items that you will use and are not broken.

  • Bureau/dresser can hold clothing, odds and ends, etc.

  • Have a laundry basket in your room. Put dirty laundry in the basket from now on. That alone will help keep your room looking decent.

Food is not on the list!

Tip 5: Notice

Keeping your room clean may be difficult, but it will save you a ton of time in the long run.

On a daily basis:

  • Make your bed. It won’t kill you. When you get back to your room at the end of the day, you’ll begin to develop a greater appreciation for your room. And your awesome bed making skills.

  • Put your dirty clothes in your laundry basket. If it’s full bring it to the laundry area and either start a load or make a note to do it later.

  • Turn off lights and other devices that don’t need to be on when you’re gone. Actually will help on the electricity bill! Your newfound self-discipline is starting to pay off!

On a weekly basis:

  • Wash your sheets (other bedding, if needed).

  • Dust your room.

  • Sweep or vacuum your floor.

This last one is always a tough one!

Bring any dirty dishes you hid under your bed to the kitchen and clean them. Nobody’s perfect!

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